Benefits - BlueCat DNS Edge

DNS Edge User Guide

BlueCat DNS Edge

Reduce attack surface

Eliminate DNS as a threat vector against your network by setting policies with Edge to limit access to sensitive data and lock down critical systems such as point-of-sale terminals and IoT devices.

Optimize traffic and reduce opex

Gain greater flexibility and control the DNS resolution path. Optimize network traffic, reducing costs, and complexity.

Meet compliance requirements

Easily set policy to meet corporate compliance standards including security and regulatory requirements.

Detect malicious behavior in DNS queries

Detect and stop data exfiltration via tunneling, beaconing to C2 servers, or evasive techniques like domain generating algorithms (DGA) through Edge’s smart analytics.

Reduce breach remediation time

Uncover the lateral spread of an infection and root out patient zero in a cyberattack. Edge makes it easy to pinpoint the origination point and review surrounding internal and external DNS activity to reduce the time to resolution in an incident.

Accelerate application response times

Sitting on the ‘first hop,’ BlueCat starts by routing queries to the first identified namespace. If the answer isn’t returned, it tries the next, in priority order. This continues until an answer is found.

Steer and optimize traffic

With complete visibility over your network and control of the DNS resolution path, you can steer DNS traffic to optimize network performance — minimizing your network costs into the bargain.

Unleash NetOps

With optimized traffic, intelligent disaster recovery, and automated policies to secure your network (and meet compliance standards), your NetOps team will have more time for the strategic, profitable stuff.

Deploy easily

Our lightweight service points can be deployed everywhere: on prem, virtual, or cloud.

Optimize performance

No more DNS backhauling over costly MPLS lines – connect to the closest entry point for cloud-based apps, so you don’t have to rely on connecting to HQ.

Put security everywhere

Our service points collect DNS logs, so every query and response gets recorded and monitored — and your security team has full network visibility at all times, in all locations.