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The following section outlines the procedure for configuring the Cisco Umbrella integration on DNS Edge through the DNS Edge UI.

Before you begin:
  • Ensure you have generated an API Key and API Secret Key from the Cisco Umbrella Dashboard. For more information, refer to the Cisco Umbrella documentation.
    Attention: When creating the API Key and API Secret Access Key from the Cisco Umbrella Dashboard, you must select the Umbrella Network Devices option on the What should this API do? page.
  • Retrieve the Organization ID from the Cisco Umbrella Dashboard. This is used to verify that the Cisco Umbrella integration has been successfully configured. The Organization ID is denoted in the URL of the Cisco Umbrella Dashboard:{organizationId}/#/overview

Configuring a Cisco Umbrella Integration on DNS Edge:

  1. In the top navigation bar, click and select Cisco Umbrella Integration.
  2. Complete the following information:
    • Enter a name and description of the Cisco Umbrella integration.
    • Organization ID—enter the Cisco Umbrella organization ID.
    • API Key—enter the Cisco Umbrella API key.
    • Secret—enter the Cisco Umbrella API secret key.
  3. Click Save to apply the settings.
Once you have configured the Cisco Umbrella integration, you must configure a default namespace to use the Cisco Umbrella integration, and deploy sites and service points that use the default namespace.
Note: If you are updating an existing namespace to use the Cisco Umbrella integration, sites and service points start forwarding the external queries to Cisco Umbrella upon saving the changes.