User management - BlueCat DNS Edge

DNS Edge User Guide

BlueCat DNS Edge

For DNS Edge, you can create administrative and analyst user accounts. Administrators have full read/write/delete access. Analysts can view, but can't change, policies, domain lists, sites, site groups, namespaces, and system lists. Analysts can't view the Users page.

DNS Edge is configured with one primary administrator account, which is identified by an asterisk. You can't edit the user profile of the primary administrator.
Attention: The User Management screen does not display any users if SSO integration is enabled.

Creating new users

  1. In the top navigation bar, click and select User Management.
  2. To add a new user, click , or select an existing user and click Edit.
  3. Complete the user name and email address.
    Attention: If you are editing a user, you can't update the email address of another users. You can only update your own email address.
  4. For Role, select System Administrators, Administrator or Analyst.
    Note: System Administrators can only be created by other users with the System Administrator role.
  5. For Status, select whether the user is Active or Inactive.
    Note: Users don't receive their login credentials until they're activated.
    Attention: Inactive users
    • Once you have set a user as Inactive, a user with the System Administrator role must also remove any API access key sets associated with the inactive user using the /v1/api/apiKeys?email={email} method.
    • By default, deactivated users are set as Inactive. You can view Inactive users in the User Management table by using the Include Inactive Users toggle.
  6. Click Save.