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BlueCat Gateway

During the configuration of the DRP server, you need to provide several user IDs, IP addresses, URLs, and LDAP information.

Collect and document this information before you start configuring DRP from the web interface.

Requirement Description Your values
DRP server FQDN and IP address Set in the DRP portal and specified when adding a host record to the Registered View in Address Manager.  
Address Manager IP address IP address of the Address Manager server.  
Address Manager API username and password Created in Address Manager to allow the DRP portal to access the Address Manager API.  
DNS/DHCP Server IP address(es) IP address(es) of the DNS/DHCP Server.  
The portal user password Set on DNS/DHCP Servers. This username and password allows the DRP server to communicate with DNS/DHCP Servers.  
Authentication type Either ActiveDirectory or OpenLDAP.  
Authentication URL URL for the authentication server.  
LDAP BIND DN and password
  • BIND DN. For example: cn=Administrator,cn=Users, dc=example,dc=com
  • BIND password
LDAP details
  • Search Base DN. For example: cn=Users,dc=example, dc=com
  • Search Groups Base DN. For example: ou=Groups, dc=example,dc=com
    Note: The search Groups Base DN is only required when using OpenLDAP.
  • Test account username
  • Test account password
LDAP administrative groups Common names (not Distinguished names) of the three AD/LDAP groups used by DRP to grant access to DRP administrative roles.
Note: You may use pre-existing groups in your directory or create new groups.