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Configure DRP failover using a Load Balancer to ensure the reliability of the DRP service.

DRP failover provides continual availability of service in the event of the failure of one of the DRP servers by setting up two instances of DRP servers and a Load Balancer to round-robin the traffic between two servers.

The following are the general configurations required for DRP failover:
  • Setup two DRP instances with identical configurations except for IP addresses.
  • Select round-robin for the load balancing method in your Load Balancer.
  • Configure session persistence based on Active Cookie.
  • Configure X-Forwarded-For HTTP header injection.
  • Configure your Load Balancer to continually check for the HTTP or HTTPS reachability so that when one of DRP servers is unreachable or has the service-portal stopped, the Load Balancer will not forward traffic to the unreachable server.
  • Address Manager configuration: use the Load Balancer's virtual IP address instead of using the actual IP addresses of the DRP servers when configuring the DNS Views.
  • Configure two DNS/DHCP Servers for either xHA or DHCP failover. This is optional.