Docker installation from Quay - Adaptive Applications - BlueCat Gateway - 3.0.0

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BlueCat Gateway

  • You must have purchased the DRP application from BlueCat.
  • You must have a Quay account.
  • You must have a Docker CLI password. You can create one by clicking Generate Encrypted Password under Docker CLI Password on the Account Settings page in Quay.

To install the custom Gateway image:
  1. From the server that is running DRP, run the following commands from the terminal:
    docker login
    Username: <quay_username>
    Password: <quay_password>
  2. Review the ports used on the host machine that is installing the Gateway instance using the following command:
    sudo docker ps -a
    In the following example output, ports 80 and 443 are used:
    STATUS          PORTS                                         NAMES
    Up 34 minutes>8000/tcp,>44300/tcp  gateway_20_3_1
  3. Run the custom Gateway image using the following command:
    docker run -d \
    -p 80:8000 \
    -p 443:44300 \
    -v <path_to_mapped_log_directory>:/logs/ \
    -v <configs_volume>:/portal/bluecat_portal/workflows/drp_workflow/configs \
    -e BAM_IP=<your_bam_ip_address> \
    -e DRP_PASSCODE=<your_passcode> \
    --name <your_container_name><tag_name>

    Where <http_port> and <https_port> represent different ports than those used by the Gateway instance. For example, you can set port 81 as the <http_port> and port 444 as the <https_port> values.