Guest View configurations (optional) - Adaptive Applications - BlueCat Gateway - 3.0.0

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BlueCat Gateway

Using DNS Views, the registered Guest clients are granted full network access to external resources.

The following table describes the required configurations for Guest View:
  • DNS options—Add Root Hints options with the value indicating Registered DHCP range.
    Configuration Description/Value
    Root Hints To allow devices identified as a registered Guest to resolve Internet DNS queries.
    Match Clients Add the Match Clients option with the values indicating the Guest DHCP range at the View level to allow registered Guest devices to resolve queries against this view.
    Note: When changing the Guest DHCP range, you must update the Match Clients option that you added at the View level with the changed DHCP range information.

  • DNS deployment role—Assign DNS roles at the View level for DNS deployment to occur.
    Configuration Description/Value
    DNS deployment role to the Guest View Add the Primary DNS deployment role to the Guest View.