Migrating from DRP VM to workflow - Adaptive Applications - BlueCat Gateway - 3.0.0

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BlueCat Gateway

As part of the migration from the DRP VM to the DRP workflow, the configuration can be imported from a VM to a workflow. This can be achieved by loading the ‘Config.groovy’ file into the workflow. DRP prepopulates the configuration except for the credentials for BAM, LDAP, and BDDS.

The username and password would have to be reentered by the Administrator along with the DRP hostname if it has changed.

  1. Retrieve Config.groovy in the original DRP VM. The file is in the path: /etc/bluecat/bcms/Config.groovy.
  2. Enable Migration - Select the checkbox to migrate from the existing DRP VM.
  3. Configuration - Choose the ‘Config.groovy’ file retrieved from the VM.
  4. Click Next to upload the file via the Migration page.
  5. Modify the DRP hostname if it has changed and provide the credentials for BAM, LDAP, and BDDS in the respective sections.
  6. Proceed further with the configuration to configure the workflow.
    Note: You can disable the migration feature as per need.