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BlueCat Gateway

Using DNS Views, only Registered clients are granted full network access to both external and internal resources.

You need to configure the View with the appropriate internal DNS zone, host record, and DNS option. The following table describes the required configurations for Registered View:
  • DNS zone—Add all DNS zones pertaining to your internal corporate domain along with the necessary resource records for the zones.
    Configuration Description/Value
    DNS zone
    • Create internal corporate zone(s). For example: example.corp.
      Note: All of your internal corporate zones should be in the Registered View.
    • Set the top level zone and sub level zones to be deployable.

  • Host record—Create all necessary host records for the zones you have created in the Registered View. Create a host record for the DRP server to ensure that the registered devices can still access the server directly.
    Configuration Description/Value
    Zones for your internal corporate domain. For example:
    • sub level zone - example.corp
    Add a host record for the DRP, so that it can be accessed directly by name. For example: drp.example.corp

  • DNS options—Add Root Hints options with the value indicating Registered DHCP range.
    Configuration Description/Value
    Root Hints To allow devices identified as Registered to resolve Internet DNS queries.

  • DNS deployment role—Assign DNS roles at the View level for DNS deployment to occur.
    Configuration Description/Value
    DNS deployment role to the Registered View Add the Primary DNS deployment role to the Registered View.