Setting up passwords for portal users - Adaptive Applications - BlueCat Gateway - 3.0.0

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BlueCat Gateway

Set the password for the portal user.

You need to log in as an administrator to set the password.

Note: The portal password must comply with the following password policies:
  • Password must be at least eight non-whitespace characters.
  • Password may contain any regular ASCII character.
  • Password must not contain any character repeated more than 4 times.
  1. Log in to the DNS/DHCP Servers Administration Console mode as the admin.
  2. From Main Session mode, type configure users, and press ENTER.
  3. Type modify portal and press ENTER.
  4. Type set password and press ENTER.

    DNS/DHCP Server prompts you for the new password.

  5. Type the new password and press ENTER.
  6. Type save and press ENTER.

This completes the configuration of DNS/DHCP Servers for DRP use.