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Device Registration Portal

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BlueCat Gateway

In environments where there is little control over the connection of third-party devices, such as in a university or corporate guest network, the Device Registration Portal provides the ability to register and track which users are connecting to which systems to provide traceability and accountability.

When a device connects to the network for the first time, it receives an IP address from a DHCP range with limited access to the network. The unknown device does not have any Internet access at this point. The unknown device cannot connect to either an external domain server (for example, or an internal domain server (for example, www.example.corp). When an unknown device connects to the network and opens a web browser, the DNS/DHCP Server redirects to the Device Registration Portal web portal.

Users are required to agree to acceptable use policy and register their devices after supplying their authentication credentials. Successfully registered user devices are granted full access to the network as defined by the system administrator.

Device Registration Portal can also be configured to allow guests to register their devices through the portal. Guest logins remain active until the guest registration expires, or a Device Registration Portal administrator deletes them.