Configuration Options - Adaptive Applications - BlueCat Gateway - 21.2

Discovery & Visibility GCP Administration Guide

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BlueCat Gateway

The following section defines how configurations are created in Address Manager upon GCP infrastructure data import.

Under Configuration Options, enter the following information:
  • BLUECAT CONFIGURATION—enter the name of the configuration that will be created in Address Manager that contains the GCP infrastructure information.
    Attention: The configuration name must not contain the forward slash (/) character as this can cause issues with the discovery and visibility of cloud resources.
    Note: If you do not specify a configuration name, Discovery & Visibility GCP creates configurations in Address Manager based on the GCP Project name and structure.
  • Override Configuration—select this checkbox to create configurations in Address Manager based on the information in the BLUECAT CONFIGURATION field.
    • Enabling the Override Configuration setting updates the configuration in Address Manager that was previously created by Discovery & Visibility GCP.
    • If you configure Discovery & Visibility GCP to retrieve data from a Project with overlapping IP addresses in the VPCs, multiple configurations are created in Address Manager depending on the number of VPCs with overlapping IP addresses.