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Discovery & Visibility GCP Administration Guide

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BlueCat Gateway

Discovery & Visibility GCP v21.2 introduces the ability to update, delete, and import new cloud resources based on previously run discovery tasks if you do not have the ability to run visibility tasks on your cloud infrastructure. You can perform a rediscovery of resources by running discovery on the same configuration with the Override Configurations option enabled. When the rediscovery is performed, new and updated cloud resources from the previously run discovery tasks are added to Address Manager. You can also perform a rediscovery of resources with the Remove Deleted Resources option enabled to delete any resources that currently exist in Address Manager that have been removed from the GCP environment since the previous discovery task.

When performing a rediscovery, resources in Address Manager are updated based on the following changes:
  • VPC/Subnets
    • Creating a new VPC/Subnet
    • Updating a CIDR of a VPC/Subnet
    • Deleting a VPC/Subnet
  • Virtual Machines
    • Creating a new virtual machine
    • Updating a virtual machine state
    • Deleting a virtual machine
  • Load balancers
    • Creating a new load balancer
    • Deleting a load balancer
  • DNS Records
    • Creating a new zone
    • Creating a new record
    • Deleting a zone
    • Deleting a record
    • Selective Deployment of changes is not supported for rediscovery.
    • If the name or value of a Cloud DNS record is changed, the record is deleted and reimported into Address Manager as a new record upon rediscovery.

Configuring Rediscovery

  1. Within the GCP Credentials section, enter the credentials that were previously used to authenticate for the discovery task.
  2. Within the Configuration Options section, enter the BLUECAT CONFIGURATION that was previously used to perform the discovery task, and select the Override Configurations checkbox.
    Attention: The BLUECAT CONFIGURATION field must contain the same value as what was used for the previously performed discovery task.
  3. Within the Discovery Options section, select the resources that you would like to import into Address Manager as part of the rediscovery.
    Note: To delete resources that currently exist in Address Manager but no longer exist in GCP since the previous discovery task, select the Remove Deleted Resources option.

    You can manually retrieve and delete resources that currently exist in Address Manager and no longer exist in GCP since the previous discovery task using the GET http://<Gateway_url>/cloud-discovery/api/v1/provider/gcp/detection and DELETE http://<Gateway_url>/cloud-discovery/api/v1/entity API methods. For more information, refer to REST API endpoints.