Reference: Visibility and Visibility Management - Adaptive Applications - BlueCat Gateway - 21.2

Discovery & Visibility GCP Administration Guide

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BlueCat Gateway

Once you have configured the workflow in BlueCat Gateway, you can configure the Discovery & Visibility GCP Adaptive Application to continuously monitor your GCP environment for changes to virtual networks, virtual machines, and load balancers.

To enable continuous monitoring, you must populate all information in the GCP Credentials and Visibility Options section of the workflow. Once you start discovery, the monitoring settings are applied and GCP information is captured for the selected GCP project in the Visibility Status & History section. The following image displays information populated in this section.

Visibility Management

Once you select the Enable Visibility After Discovery checkbox in the Visibility Options section, a new visibility task is added to the Visibility Management table. You can configure multiple visibility jobs within the same resource group. When you start the discovery and visibility within the same resource group on a different configuration, a new visibility job is added to the Visibility Management table and a new record is added in the Visibility Status table.
Attention: In previous versions of Discovery & Visibility, if you stopped a visibility job and restarted the job, the visibility job did not detect changes made to the cloud environment while the visibility job was stopped. Starting in Discovery & Visibility v21.1, discovery is automatically run prior to restarting visibility to ensure that changes that have occurred while the visibility job is stopped are retrieved.

The following image shows multiple visibility jobs within the Visibility Management table.