Failover Package - Adaptive Plugins - BlueCat Gateway - 20.6.1

Failover Package Administration Guide

BlueCat Gateway

BlueCat Adaptive Plugins are scripts that integrate the BlueCat Adaptive DNS platform, DNS Integrity, with third-party IT applications and services, or automate common tasks and workflows. These Adaptive Plugins help optimize existing IT investments, providing instant access and integration of BlueCat into a broader ecosystem of solutions.

This guide describes how to deploy and configure the Failover Package Docker image. The Failover Package is an Adaptive Plugin that allows network teams to manually control or automate DNS server failover when an outage is detected. This package provides the following:

  • Address Manager Failover: automates replication failover to standby BAM seamlessly, reducing administrators' time spent on manual steps to break/trust/replicate. This can be done automatically or executed manually.
  • DNS Master Failover: an alternative to multi-master that is not impacted by potential pitfalls, such as split-brain or synchronization issues, and allows for remediation before widespread outages.
  • Preference Control - configure to always use a server with the most optimal underlying horsepower to avoid having a warm standby and consuming a large amount of computing unnecessarily.
  • Auto-healing - auto-detect certain DNS server conditions and automatically recover.
  • Monitoring Service - continuously listen for DNS server state changes for actionable insights.