Installing DNS Master Failover Service - Adaptive Plugins - BlueCat Gateway - 20.6.1

Failover Package Administration Guide

BlueCat Gateway

Configure the following DNS Master Failover Service settings in the provisioned container environment:

Table. DNS Master Failover Service settings
Parameter Required Description Example Setting
BAM_IP X Standard for running the underlying Gateway Application.
INTERVAL   How frequently the health check operation is run expressed in seconds. Default is 6 60
BAM_USER X BAM service account name dns_failover_agent
PASSPHRASE X BAM service account keyword. A keyword is used to generate the service account password with the following formula: password = md5(keyword+user).upper() passphrase1
RETRIES   How many times a health check should be retried before failing over. Each check takes 15-30 seconds to complete. Default is 3. 3
IDS X The object IDs of the two BDDS servers in a comma-delimited format with no spaces. No more or less than two ids will be accepted 888,999