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In the context of Gateway workflows, endpoints are URLs that act as access points for specific pages and workflows in a Gateway instance. You can access these endpoints in a web browser.

The full endpoint consists of the IP address or FQDN of the URL of the Gateway instance (including the http:// or https:// prefix) followed by the rest of the endpoint. For example, the following endpoint displays the Workflows page.

<Gateway URL>/index

Each workflow available in the Navigator has its own endpoint. Workflow developers can specify the endpoint URL they want to use when building a custom workflow. Regardless, Gateway instances always have the following HTTP endpoints avalable:

Endpoint Description

Displays the current user's configured landing page, as specified by their user group's landing_page setting. By default, this is the Workflows (index) page. Clicking the Home button brings the user to their landing page.

For more details on changing the landing page for a user group, see Configuring Gateway user groups.


Displays the Workflows page with a list of links provided by all workflows on that Gateway instance. Typically, this appears as a page of tiles with available actions for that Gateway instance.

Tip: To open a text list of links in a navigator column, click the Navigator button in the top left corner.