About the BAMAPI class (Address Manager REST v1 and v2) - Platform - BlueCat Gateway - 24.1

Gateway Administration Guide

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BlueCat Gateway

The following BAMAPI class lets you integrate Gateway workflows with BlueCat Address Manager, using either the REST v1 or REST v2 API interface.

  • Unlike the REST v1 API, the Address Manager REST v2 API interface provides direct access to the client within Address Manager itself. The REST v2 API client does not contain wrappers for every Address Manager RESTful v2 API resource.

  • While Gateway provides other ways to access the Address Manager Legacy v1 API, the recommended method is to use the BAMAPI class.

Tip: You can also use the BAMAPI class to check whether the active client for the local instance of Gateway is REST v1 or REST v2. Only one version can be active on single instance of Gateway. BAMAPI will return the requested client only if that client is active. Otherwise, it returns nothing.