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A workspace is a logical location to organize workflows and their necessary data, including configurations, permissions, group settings, requirements, and other customizations. In practical terms, a workspace can be a Docker volume or a folder on your local machine. You can persist a workspace if mounted as a Docker volume or a folder on your local machine. You can also map a workspace and the logs directory using the docker run command when instantiating the container.

BlueCat recommends mounting a workspace for saving data when you first install BlueCat Gateway. For more information, refer to the BlueCat Gateway Installation Guide.

You can also import workspaces from a GitHub or GitLab repository using the Import Workflows HTTP API endpoints. For more details, see Import workflows HTTP API.

Note: Within the Gateway container image, the Administration folder is reserved for Administrative workflows. Administrative workflows implement core Gateway features and functionality, both in the UI and behind the scenes. Scripts and code that implement Administrative workflows are located inside the Administration folder. They are updated and overwritten with each BlueCat Gateway release. You cannot add your workflows to the Administration folder, nor create new workflows with the same endpoint as any Administrative workflow.