Adding Third-Party Python libraries - Platform - BlueCat Gateway - 18.2.1

Gateway Administration Guide

BlueCat Gateway

Any pure Python libraries not included in the DNS Integrity Gateway can be added to the <dns_integrity_gateway>/ps/integrations folder and imported into your workflows. You can download packages from the web or using pip. You must run the included script to generate the source folder/files, which you can then be copied over to the <dns_integrity_gateway>/ps/integrations folder.

You can change the location where the DNS Integrity Gateway will look for Python libraries by setting the additional_libraries_path parameter in the file.

An automated option to install Python packages to the additional_libraries_path folder can be found when running the script included with the DNS Integrity Gateway image. Simply create a requirements.txt file in the <dns_integrity_gateway>/packages folder and list all the Python modules you would like installed. For the option to install without Internet access, all the packages required must also be present in the packages folder.

Restart the DNS Integrity Gateway container to apply your changes.

python run --<uid>