Assigning a default landing page to a Gateway user group - Platform - BlueCat Gateway - 18.6.1

Gateway Administration Guide

BlueCat Gateway
Use the Group Settings workflow to set a default landing page for specific user groups upon login to the DNS Integrity Gateway, as well as to show or hide the Gateway Help and Documentation for specific user groups.
  • User group refers to groups defined by a PortalGroup UDF value stored on the BAM side (such as all).
  • All non-admin users must be defined in the Group Settings workflow by a PortalGroup UDF value.
  • Administrative users can be defined in the Group Settings workflow either by a PortalGroup UDF value or by a DNS Integrity Gateway user group created in Address Manager (this user group must be granted permissions in the Gateway).

Settings are stored in <dns_integrity_gateway>/ps/group_settings.json, and settings are defined per user group. BlueCat recommends using the Default Group Settings workflow rather than modifying the JSON file directly.

Note: If a user does not have permissions to any workflows and has not been assigned a default landing page, then this user will receive a 403 error (Forbidden) upon login to the Gateway. This setting can be used to redirect to external resources as well, and is not limited to workflow pages of an active Gateway instance.
  1. Log in to the DNS Integrity Gateway as an administrative user.
  2. Under Available Actions > Administration, click Group Settings.
  3. In the Group/UDF field, enter a PortalGroup UDF value, and then click ADD GROUP.
  4. From the Groups list, select a PortalGroups UDF value or the name of a user group.
  5. Under Available Settings select landing_page, and then click ADD OPTION.
  6. In the Group Settings list, select landing_page, then enter the workflow endpoint in the text field. For example, /admin/workflow_permissions.

  7. Click UPDATE.
The Gateway UI confirms that the selected workflow has been updated for the PortalGroup UDF.