Built-in Workspace - Platform - BlueCat Gateway - 24.1

Gateway Administration Guide

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BlueCat Gateway

The Built-in workspace included in BlueCat Gateway can be a powerful tool for both Gateway application developers and Gateway administrators. Using Dockerfile to build a custom image, you will place all your custom workflow data in the Built-in workspace. When deploying a container to production, all of the necessary workflow data will be included in the container. This aligns with container best practices by providing a complete, sealed container ready for service in a production environment. This also helps improve container redundancy and resiliency for deployments at scale.

  • Gateway application & plugin developers: Use the Built-in workspace to include all workflow/app data, including configurations, customizations, and permissions. Follow the steps described in this topic to learn how to use Dockerfile and the docker build command to generate a custom image that includes all of your workflow data in the Built-In Workspace (/builtin/).

    Designing your applications to use the Built-in workspace provides better configuration management, makes the images easier to distribute, is more scalable, and will deliver more consistent results.

  • Gateway administrators: Leverage the Built-in workspace to build "black box" containers for a production environment.

    For example, in a Test Environment, you can place all of your workflow data, including configurations, permissions, and customizations, in the Built-in workspace. Use Dockerfile and the docker build command to build a custom image on top of the Gateway base image. Next, deploy containers from that custom image to production. The workflow data in each container will be identical, adding resiliency to your Gateway service in production.

    Since everything has already been configured and set inside the Built-in workspace, there is no need to modify configurations or workflows at runtime. Deploy that same production container consistently and repeatedly, and scale up or down as needed.