Configure Apache Virtual Hosts for Production - Platform - BlueCat Gateway - 20.12.1

Gateway Administration Guide

BlueCat Gateway

BlueCat Gateway uses two Apache virtual host files for configuring HTTP and HTTPS access to BlueCat Gateway.

Ensure that you perform the following actions:

  • Update your ServerAdmin e-mail address to a valid administrator e-mail.
  • Change the ServerName to the domain name of the BlueCat Gateway server.
  • Change the name of the certificate files used by Apache if they generated files with different names than what the default specified in the virtual host files.
  • (Optional) Capture all logs using the the docker logs command, set the Apache Errorlog to redirect to Standard Out in the virtual host files.
  • (Optional) Capture user session logs, select the Enable Redirect to Standard Out option in the General Configuration workflow.
    Example of setting ErrorLog to Standard Out in the virtual host file:
    ErrorLog /dev/stdout