Configuring Apache Virtual Hosts - Platform - BlueCat Gateway - 24.1

Gateway Administration Guide

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BlueCat Gateway

Previous versions of BlueCat Gateway let users directly edit Apache configuration files for Gateway's Apache host servers. As of version 21.11.2, Gateway will override those settings on startup. If you customized Apache server settings on your system, you must move those customized settings to either a Global Apache configuration file, and/or the HTTP/HTTPS configuration files.

You might also need to move SSL certification files to a new location. For more details, see Updating certificates and custom Apache configurations on legacy systems.

BlueCat Gateway makes use of two Apache virtual hosts, one for HTTP access and one for HTTPS access. Gateway automatically reconfigures Apache during startup; any settings made within the Apache server itself might be overridden.

You can't configure these Apache servers directly. Instead, you can configure settings used by these Apache hosts in the following locations:

Order   File/folder name1 Description
1 Gateway UI


Within the BlueCat Gateway UI itself, using Gateway settings. Changes made in Gateway automatically update the standard JSON configuration file, config.json (where applicable).
Important: Do not configure Apache settings within config.json. Instead, either edit configurations within Gateway or use one of the provided Apache settings files, global.conf, http.conf, and https.conf.
2 Global Apache configuration file apache/global.conf Within a Global Apache Configuration file (global.conf). Settings in this file will be applied to both Apache hosts, overriding any applicable setting made in the Gateway UI.
3 Server-specific configuration files



Within the two HTTP/HTTPS Apache Configuration files (http.conf and https.conf). These settings will be applied to only the specific Apache host responsible for HTTP or HTTPS communications, respectively. They will override applicable settings made in the Gateway UI or in global.conf.

The global.conf, http.conf, and https.conf files are useful to configure settings not available within the Gateway UI, such as ServerName and ServerAdmin.

Note: Settings in files later in the list override the same settings made using methods earlier in the list. For example, say you set ServerAdmin to in the Global Apache Configuration file (global.conf), then set it to in the http.conf file.
  • Gateway's HTTPS Apache server will use, inherited from the Global Apache Configuration file.

  • Gateway's HTTP Apache server will use

1 Relative to the workspace's root directory