Configuring Cross-Jump authentication for Address Manager and Gateway - Platform - BlueCat Gateway - 24.1

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Cross-jump authentication lets users seamlessly transition users from BlueCat Address Manager (BAM) to BlueCat Gateway without using Gateway's Single Sign-On feature. While in Address Manager, users can open and switch to a custom Gateway workflow without manually logging in to Gateway. Effectively, users "jump" between products.

Note: BlueCat recommends that you use either Single Sign-On or cross-jump authentication to create seamless login transitions, not both. For more details about using Single Sign-On authenticators with BlueCat Gateway, see Single Sign-On and OAuth.

In general, to set up cross-jump functionality, you must do the following:

  • Within BAM, create a Workflow UDF (user-defined field) with the URL of the target workflow. You can create this UDF on any BAM object.

    For more details on setting up the Workflow UDF, see Configuring the Workflow UDF type in Address Manager in the Address Manager Administration Guide.

  • Within Gateway, make sure that the users who will cross-jump from BAM to Gateway have permissions to use the target workflow.

    For more details, see Configuring Gateway user groups.

  • Make sure that Gateway and BlueCat Address Manager use compatible versions for cross-jumps.

    This includes both versions of Gateway, of BAM, and the API client in Gateway that you use to communicate with BAM (either the REST v1 API client or the REST v2 API client).

    When linking to the Gateway workflow with a cross-jump, Address Manager passes details about the current user session and the object the user jumped from. As long as that user is a member of a group assigned to the workflow, Gateway will automatically authenticate the indicated user in Gateway. For more details about building the workflow to use this information, see Cross-jump API support in workflows below.

From then on, when a user views the Details page for that object, they can view the Workflow UDF and jump directly to the indicated workflow.

Version and API client support for cross-jumps

Cross-jumps are supported by both the BAM REST v1 and REST v2 API clients. Available API clients depend on your versions of BlueCat Integrity (Address Manager) and BlueCat Gateway.

Integrity 9.5.2 and older

Integrity 9.6.x

Gateway v19.5.1 - v23.2.x

REST v1 API client

Gateway v24.1.0

REST v1 API client

REST v1 API client

REST v2 API client