Configuring Interface settings - Platform - BlueCat Gateway - 24.1

Gateway Administration Guide

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BlueCat Gateway

Interface settings (under General configuration) let you configure BlueCat Gateway's appearance. You can add your organization's logo to Gateway and specify the theme/color palette that Gateway uses when displaying workflows that use the legacy UI.

Tip: You can further customize Gateway's appearance in the Customization section of General configuration.

To configure interface settings:

  1. Open the General configuration window, then expand the Interface section. (Click the Navigator button if necessary, then click Configurations > General configuration. Click Interface at the bottom to expand the Interface settings.)

  2. Edit the visual appearance of the UI as desired.

    For more details, see Interface settings list below.

  3. When you're done, click Save.

    To cancel your changes, click Cancel.

Interface settings list

The Interface section has the following settings.

Setting Description
Header logo

The logo that appears in the header at the top of the Gateway UI.

To change the header logo, either drag the logo image file onto the Header logo box area, or click in the box area to browse to a file. You can use any image file format supported by your browser.

By default, Gateway uses the BlueCat Gateway logo.

Login page logo

The logo that appears on the login page when users log in to Gateway.

To specify the login page logo, in Login page logo, select the logo to use on the Login Page.

  • To use the BlueCat logo, select either the Light logo or the Dark logo.

  • To use your own logo, select Custom. Then, either drag the logo image file onto the box area, or click in the box area to browse to a file.

    You can use any image file format supported by your browser.

Tip: You can also configure the Login Page Logo through settings in the config.json configuration file:
  "login_logo_mode": "dark",
  "login_logo_custom_file": null
  • To use the default light or dark logo shipped with BlueCat Gateway, set login_logo_mode to either light or dark, respectively.
  • To use a custom logo, set login_logo_mode to custom and login_logo_custom_file to a path that’s relative to <workspace>/resources/images. Place the custom logo image in <workspace>/resources/images/login_logo_custom_file.
Attention: Settings under Legacy user interface apply only to workflows that use legacy Gateway UI elements (typically custom workflows and some adaptive applications). They currently do not apply to the updated Gateway UI introduced in BlueCat Gateway v23.2.

These Legacy settings are:

Setting Description

Custom interface

Interface theme

The Custom interface setting lets you specify the color and style theme used by the Legacy Gateway UI workflows. These settings will support the updated Gateway UI in a future release.

Available themes are defined in a UI customization JSON file. The default theme file includes two standard interface themes: original_dark_theme and the default standard_light_theme.

To use a custom UI theme file, either drag the UI customization JSON file onto the Custom interface box area, or click in the box area to browse to a file.

To select a different UI theme, in Interface theme, select the theme you want from those available in the JSON theme file.

For more details on defining custom UI themes in a JSON file, see Customizing the color palette.