Configuring certificates - Platform - BlueCat Gateway - 20.1.1

Gateway Administration Guide

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BlueCat Gateway

When you connect to BAM over HTTPS, use these options to specify custom SSL certificates and validation. This is especially useful for secure environments where only port 443 is open for HTTPS connectivity and port 80 is closed, disabling HTTP.

  1. Log in to BlueCat Gateway.
  2. Select Administration > General Configuration.
  3. Click Certificates.
  4. If you want the SSL certificate you upload in Step 5 to be validated, select the Validate SSL Certificate check box.
  5. In the SSL Certificate field, click Choose File and add a SSL certificate.
    Once the SSL certificate is uploaded, it will be validated against all the listed BAMs. The certificate must be a valid certificate for at least one of those BAMs.
    Uploading a new SSL certificate or replacing an existing updated SSL certificate will log out all active sessions (HTTPS, HTTP, and UI) for all users. If you proceed and click SAVE, all active user sessions will be forcibly logged out.
  6. In the TSIG Key field, click Choose File to set a client specific key used to encrypt cookies passed between BlueCat Gateway and the client browser.
  7. Set the Secret Key to a value unique to the client.
  8. Click SAVE.