Configuring customizations - Platform - BlueCat Gateway - 22.4.1

Gateway Administration Guide

English (United States)
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BlueCat Gateway

Customize the language and HTML template used for UI workflows in BlueCat Gateway.

  1. Log in to BlueCat Gateway.
  2. Select Administration > Configurations > General Configuration.
  3. Click Customization.
  4. In the Language field, specify a language. BlueCat Gateway supports UNICODE to allow you to create custom workflows in multiple languages.
    Attention: Default BlueCat Administrative workflows (and Example workflows on GitHub) only have English support. They need to be customized if another language is chosen and a corresponding <language>.txt file is added to each of the workflows. UNICODE support is not available in UI Component Fields.
  5. In the Custom HTML Template field, click Choose File to use a custom HTML template with your UI workflows.
  6. In the Login Banner field, enter the text that you want displayed as a banner in the BlueCat Gateway Login page.
    Tip: The Login Banner field can include HTML markup, which allows for additional formatting of banner text.
    For example:
    <body>Maintenance window tonight at 2AM.</body>

  7. Select the Enable server status check box, to let the /serverstatus endpoint to return basic BlueCat Gateway application statistics for monitoring or load balancing.
  8. Click Save.
    Note: To view the banner text, you must log out of BlueCat Gateway.