Creating JSON SSO configuration setting files - Platform - BlueCat Gateway - 24.1

Gateway Administration Guide

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BlueCat Gateway

When configuring settings in the SAML section of the SSO configuration page, you can upload a JSON file with appropriate values for most settings (instead of entering them manually). This is useful when configuring multiple Gateway instances that use the same identity provider, or simply as a backup.

You can set up JSON files for the following sets of SSO settings:

  • Basic Server provider settings that specify the identity provider (IdP) and identify Gateway as a service provider to the IdP.

  • Advanced settings with additional security settings for authentication signing and encryption, needed by some systems or identity providers.

    Note: Unlike basic Server provider settings, you can configure Advanced settings only by uploading a JSON file. You cannot manually edit Advanced settings in the Gateway UI.
Tip: Before downloading and editing a JSON file, check to see if your system administrator (or similar role) has done so already.

To create a JSON file with SSO settings:

  1. If you do not yet have a JSON file with the settings you need to edit, download a copy of the existing JSON files from Gateway:

    1. Open the SAML section of the SSO Configuration window. (Click the Navigator button if necessary, then click Configurations > SSO Configuration.)

      The SSO Configuration page opens. If the SAML settings are not displayed click SAML to expand it.

    2. If you need a copy of the basic SAML server provider JSON file:

      1. In Settings source, click Upload file.

      2. In Server provider settings, under the upload box, click the download button.

        Save the downloadeded file in a safe place where you can edit it.

      If you need a copy of the Advanced settings JSON file:

      1. In Advanced settings, under the upload box, click the download button.

        Save the downloadeded file in a safe place where you can edit it.

  2. Open the downloaded JSON file (or files) in your favourite text editor, then make changes to the settings as needed.

    Appropriate values for SSO settings can typically be acquired from your identity provider (IdP).

    Important: If you're setting up a JSON file for basic Server provider settings, you'll also need the signing certificate from your IdP. Save a copy of this as a separate file.

When you're done, open the SSO configuration settings in Gateway again and upload the edited files as part of the regular steps for editing SSO configuration settings. For more details, see Configuring SSO SAML settings.