Customizing the Gateway Web UI Color Palette - Platform - BlueCat Gateway - 18.2.1

Gateway Administration Guide

BlueCat Gateway

The color palette for the Gateway web UI can be customized using the ui_customizations.json file in the <dns_integrity_gateway>/ps folder. Each entry in the JSON file defines a theme for the Gateway, for example:


If you are upgrading Gateway from an older version, you might not find the ui_customizations.json file in your /ps directory, in which case you will need to extract the file from the data.tar.gz archive in your installation files directory.

   "original_dark_theme": {
        "colour_palette": "default",
        "colours": {
            "foreground_01": "#0073ae",
            "foreground_01_text": "#ffffff",
            "foreground_01_link": "#000000",
            "background_01": "#182a43",
            "background_01_text": "#eeeeee",
            "background_01_link": "#0093b8",
            "background_01_link_02": "#FFFFFF",
            "background_01_text_02": "#969696"

The "original_dark_theme" is the default theme for the Gateway. To define a new theme, copy an existing theme and paste it as a new entry, then change the name/key to something not in use by any other theme (for example, "new_dark_theme"). Then just change the colors as defined by the hex codes to whatever you like, restart the Gateway and see what changed to determine if you like the new colors.

To change which theme the Gateway uses, set the ui_theme parameter in the file to the name of the theme you want the Gateway to use.

Note: Do not modify the parameter "color_palette": "default". It is reserved for future use.