Customizing the color palette - Platform - BlueCat Gateway - 22.4.1

Gateway Administration Guide

Product name
BlueCat Gateway

You can customize the color palette for BlueCat Gateway by uploading a ui_customizations.json file to the General Configuration workflow. Each entry in the JSON file defines a theme, for example:

    "original_dark_theme": {
        "color_palette": "default",
        "colors": {
            "foreground_01": "#0073ae",
            "foreground_01_text": "#ffffff",
            "foreground_01_link": "#000000",
            "background_01": "#182a43",
            "background_01_text": "#eeeeee",
            "background_01_link": "#0093b8",
            "background_01_link_02": "#FFFFFF",
            "background_01_text_02": "#969696",
            "success": "#76ce66",
            "warning": "#ffc107",
            "error": "#ff0000"

    "orange_theme": {
        "color_palette": "default",
        "colors":  {
            "foreground_01": "#f58220",
            "foreground_01_text": "#eeeeee",
            "foreground_01_link": "#000000",
            "background_01": "#eeeeee",
            "background_01_text": "#000000",
            "background_01_link": "#cb4814",
            "background_01_link_02": "#000000",
            "background_01_text_02": "#4a4a4a",
            "success": "#22aa00",
            "warning": "#d29e00",
            "error": "#ff0000"
The "standard_light_theme" is the default theme. To define a new theme, copy an existing theme and paste it as a new entry, then change the name/key to something not in use by any other theme (for example, "new_dark_theme"). Then change the colors as defined by the hex codes to whatever you like, restart BlueCat Gateway, and see what changed to determine if you like the new colors.
Note: You can also customize the status colors for success, warning, and error. Gateway will use the fallback colors if a user-supplied theme does not specify the colors for success, warning, and error.

To change which theme BlueCat Gateway uses, set the ui_theme parameter in the General Configuration workflow to the name of the theme you want BlueCat Gateway to use.

Note: Do not modify the parameter "color_palette": "default". It is reserved for future use.