GET /ag/api/v1/group - Platform - BlueCat Gateway - 24.1

Gateway Administration Guide

Product name
BlueCat Gateway


Get the details of the state of the local Gateway node and the node's Availability group.

Input parameters: None

Output results: Details about the state of the node and the Availability group.

Sample output

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json

  "configuration": {
    "allowed_absence_interval": 40,
    "external_ipv4_address": "",
    "external_port": 443,
    "external_scheme": "https",
    "group_fqdn": "",
    "group_fqdn_ttl": 30,
    "health_check_interval": 20,
    "health_report_interval": 9,
    "tsig_algorithm": "hmac-sha512",
    "tsig_name": "ag",
    "tsig_secret": ""
  "members": {
    "primary": "",
    "secondary": ""
  "state": {
    "heartbeat_method": "direct",
    "last_heartbeat_time": "2022-11-25T19:54:00+00:00",
    "last_updated": "2022-11-25T19:54:27+00:00",
    "node_dns_connection_state": "connected",
    "node_role": "primary"

Where paramater groups have the following fields:

For configuration:

  • allowed_absence_interval: How long the Secondary Gateway node waits after a heartbeat before deciding that the Primary node has failed (seconds).

  • external_ipv4_address: The IPv4 address of the current node. This is used when the DNS host record points to this Gateway instance.

  • external_port: The port at which this Gateway instance (and the Availability group) should be reached.

  • external_scheme: The communication scheme used by the Availability group and its nodes. This can be http or https.

  • group_fqdn: The fully qualified domain name (FQDN) used to create the DNS host record that maps to the IP address of the Primary Gateway instance.

  • group_fqdn_ttl: The Time-to-live (TTL) for the host record in the DNS server for the Availability group, in seconds. This value tells a cache how long it can store the host record before refreshing the search to get an answer from the name server.

  • health_check_interval: The Standby check interval. The time between checks made by the Secondary Gateway node to see if the Primary node is still active (in seconds).

  • health_report_interval: The time between health reports sent by the Primary Gateway node (in seconds).

  • tsig_algorithm: The encryption algorithm used by the Availability groups TSIG key.

  • tsig_name: The name of the TSIG key to use for members of the Availability group.

  • tsig_secret: The contents of the Secret key. The length depends on the chosen algorithm.

For members:

  • primary: The IP address of the Primary Gateway node in the group.

  • secondary: The IP address of the Secondary Gateway node in the group.

For state:

  • heartbeat_method: How the last heartbeat was communicated between the Primary and Secondary nodes. This can be either direct (the Primary node sent a heartbeat message directly to the Secondary node) or dns (the Secondary node read details about the last heartbeat from a TXT record in the DNS host record).
  • last_heartbeat_time: The timestamp of the last heartbeat from the Primary node.
  • last_updated: The timestamp of the last heartbeat check made by the Secondary node (if applicable).
  • node_dns_connection_state: Whether the node is connected or disconnected from the DNS server that is responsible for the Availaibility group. If not_applicable, then the node is not part of an Availability group.
  • node_role: The role played by the local node within an Availability group. This can be either primary, secondary, or not_in_group (the local node is not part of an Availability group).