Gateway status HTTP API - Platform - BlueCat Gateway - 24.1

Gateway Administration Guide

Product name
BlueCat Gateway

You can monitor the status of Gateway with the health and serverstatus endpoints.

Health endpoint

To verify if BlueCat Gateway is up and running, call the following endpoint:
GET <bluecat_gateway>/health

You can call the health endpoint at any time. The endpoint returns HTTP code 200 in an empty page.

Note: No authentication is required for this endpoint.

Server status endpoint

The serverstatus endpoint returns basic application statistics that can be used for monitoring or load balancing.
GET <bluecat_gateway>/serverstatus

The endpoint returns HTTP code 200 with statistics that include CPU load, memory usage, resource usage score, aggregated access counts, and total traffic since the server was started. For example:

       "cpu_load": 0.0553746,
       "memory_used": 199839744,
       "total_accesses": 79,
       "total_traffic": 116736,
       "resource_usage_score": 0.24
    "current_time": 1513807211
  • The cpu_load score will not go to 1 even if you are running multiple CPU cores; currently BlueCat Gateway only uses a single CPU core.
  • The value of memory_used is the memory used on the host machine, in bytes. Memory consumption limits depend on specifications of the host machine.
  • In order to use the /serverstatus endpoint, you must select the Enable server status setting in the Customization section of the General configuration settings. For more detials, see Configuring Customization settings.
The BlueCat Gateway server will crash if the resource_usage_score reaches 1. As such, BlueCat recommends that you keep resource_usage_score below 0.50. You can keep the resource_usage_score below 0.50 by redirecting new requests to a different BlueCat Gateway instance.
Note: No authentication is required.