General configuration - Platform - BlueCat Gateway - 24.1

Gateway Administration Guide

Product name
BlueCat Gateway

You configure overall BlueCat Gateway functionality using the General configuration workflow (click the Navigator button in the top left corner, expand Configurations, then click General Configuration).

The General configuration page is organized into several sections. To configure settings for a specific section, click its name to expand it. (You might need to scroll down to see it.)

The General configuration workflow has the following sections:

  • BAM: Add and manage connections with instances of BlueCat Address Manager (BAM). You can also specify a default Address Manager Configuration or View.

  • Interface: Add your organization's logo to the UI and specify the theme/color palette that Gateway uses when displaying its web UI.

  • Certificates: Set up TLS/SSL certificates and TSIG keys.

  • Logs: Configure Gateway log levels, the logging destination (either to a file or STDOUT (Standard Out)), log retention, and log rotation settings.

  • Customization: Further customize the language and HTML template used for workflows in the Gateway UI. You can also enable or disable functionality of the /serverstatus endpoint.

  • Security: Define and configure the HTTP security response headers for BlueCat Gateway.