IP4Address class - Platform - BlueCat Gateway - 20.1.1

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class ip4_address.IP4Address(api, api_entity)

Bases: bluecat.ip_address.IPAddress

IPv4 address objects.

Parameters Description
api API instance used by the entity to communicate with BAM.
api_entity The entity returned by the BAM API.

change_state_ip4_address(target_state, mac_address='')

Converts the state of an address from and between Reserved, DHCP Reserved, and Static, or DHCP allocated to DHCP reserved.
Parameters Description
mac_address Optional and only needed if the target requires it. For example, MAKE_DHCP_RESERVED.


Get the address as a string.


Get the reverse name for the address.


Get the state of the address.

move_ip_object(address, no_server_update=False'')

Moves the IPv4 or IPv6 object to another address with the parameter no_server_update.

Parameters Description
address (string, required) The new address of the IPv4 or IPv6 object.
no_server_update (boolean, required)

Default value: False

If set to True, instant dynamic host record changes will not occur on DNS/DHCP Servers when moving an IPv4 or IPv6 address object.

api = g.user.get_api()           # get api object
ip4_address_id = 10223           # ip6 block id
new_ip_address = ''
ip4_object = api.get_entity_by_id(ip4_address_id)

ip4_object.move_ip_object(new_ip_address, True)


Get the BAM name of the entity.