IP6Network class - Platform - BlueCat Gateway - 21.11.2

Gateway Administration Guide

Product name
BlueCat Gateway

class bluecat.ip6_network.IP6Network(api, api_entity)

Bases: bluecat.ip_object.IP6BlockNetwork, bluecat.configuration.IP6SpaceConfigurationBlockNet

Instantiate an IPv6 network.

Parameters Description
api API instance used by the entity to communicate with BAM.
api_entity the entity returned by the BAM API.

add_address(address, address_type, name, properties='')

Add an IPv6 address to the network.

Parameters Description
address Address argument, changes depending on provided address type.
address_type Type of address passed in, can be “macAddress”, “IP6Address”, “InterfaceID”
name Name of the address.
properties Adds object properties.

Returns: An IPv6 address object of the newly created address.


Get a list of all addresses contained within the network. :return: Generator containing all child addresses.