Importing and exporting workflows - Platform - BlueCat Gateway - 22.4.1

Gateway Administration Guide

Product name
BlueCat Gateway
Using the Gateway user interface, you can:
  • Export workflows from one BlueCat Gateway instance and load it into another.
  • Import workflows into BlueCat Gateway directly from your local machine or from the BlueCat Labs public Git repository
  • Import workflows from a public or private GitHub repository, or from a GitLab repository.
  • Capture a workflow snapshot, to preserve the current state of a workflow. (Snapshots can be reverted to at any time.)
Note: Administrative workflows are located inside the container image. BlueCat Gateway uses these workflows to implement and run BlueCat Gateway functionality. They're not available for export, and aren't visible on the Administration > Workflow Management screen.
Tip: If you mapped a Docker volume, don't export and import workflows manually. Instead, use the Workflow Management > Export/Import workflow from the Gateway UI.