Importing workflows from Git repositories - Platform - BlueCat Gateway - 24.1

Gateway Administration Guide

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BlueCat Gateway

You can import workflows into BlueCat Gateway either from the BlueCat Labs public GitHub repository, or a private Git repository.

Tip: After importing workflows from the BlueCat Labs public Git repository, you do not need to restart the Gateway container. You need only set the workflow permissions.
Note: You can also import workflows with a REST API call. For more details, see Import workflows HTTP API.

After the import, Gateway stores a backup of old workflows in the bluecat_portal directory. Only the most recent backup is retained.

By default, Gateway will not delete existing workflows if an existing workflow or endpoint with the same name already exists. To instead delete the existing workflow or endpoint, select the Overwrite existing workspace option when importing it.

The following limitations apply when importing workflows from a Git repository:

  • You must have Internet access.

  • To specify which workflow directories, customization directories, or snapshots to import, you must include the git-config.json file in your Git repository at the top level. This file specifies the folders where the new content should be stored.

    You can find examples of this configuration file in the folder.

    The git-config.json file looks like the following:
    	"workflows": ["Examples"],
    	"customizations": "customizations",
    	"snapshots": "snapshots"

    Each line specifies the folder location for that item. For example, "workflows" specifies the folder where workflows are stored and "customizations" specifies the folder where customizations are stored. If the "customizations" and "workflows" lines are blank, those fields are ignored.

  • The system always gets the workflows from the branch you specify in the GitHub URL or in the GitLab Project Branch field. Make sure you use the latest BlueCat Gateway version before downloading.

  • The Examples folder contains example workflows provided by BlueCat. These serve as templates for types of workflows you can build in Gateway and illustrate best practices for UI components and API usage.

    Each BlueCat Gateway release has a corresponding tag that you can use to download a version that is guaranteed to be compatible with that release.

  • Newly-imported workflows inherit all specified permissions on existing workflows. After you import any Example workflows, BlueCat recommends that Gateway administrators review their permissions.