Importing workflows from a private GitLab repository - Platform - BlueCat Gateway - 24.1

Gateway Administration Guide

Product name
BlueCat Gateway

You can import workflows from a private GitLab repository.

Attention: To import workflows from a private repository, you must provide an authorization token (sometimes called an "auth token").
  1. Open the Workflow management window. (Click the Navigator button if necessary, then click Administration > Workflow management.)

  2. Click Import (on the right side of the page).

  3. In the Import workflows window, select the workflows that you want to import:

    1. In Import source, select Gitlab.

    2. In Gitlab URL, enter the GitLab domain URL for the workflow.

    3. In Gitlab project ID, enter the project ID (a number).

    4. In Gitlab project branch, enter the git branch that contains the version of the workflow that you want to import.

      Typically, this is master.

    5. In Authentication token, paste or enter a valid authentication token for the GitLab session.

    6. (Optional) To delete the current workflows and replace them with the imported ones, select the Overwrite Existing Workspace checkbox.

    When you're done, click Import, then confirm the operation

  4. (Optional, but recommended) After importing the workflow, refresh your browser, then assign appropriate permissions to user groups for the new workflow. For more details, see Setting page and REST endpoint permissions.

    If you do not assign user groups to the workflow, only admin users will be able to use or see it.