Importing workflows from the BlueCat public GitHub repository - Platform - BlueCat Gateway - 19.5.1

Gateway Administration Guide

BlueCat Gateway

You can import workflows that are publicly available through the BlueCat Labs public GitHub repository. BlueCat recommends this approach for new customers who want to start using BlueCat Gateway immediately.

While using the GitHub import option, the following limitations apply:
  • You must have Internet access to perform this operation.
  • A single import operation pulls the Examples and Certified folders on GitHub. Specific folders or workflows within this folder cannot be selected. If you prefer to import folders or workflows individually, go to
  • The import operation will erase all content in the <bluecat_gateway>/workflows/Examples folder.
  • The system does not check if an existing workflow or an endpoint with the same name already exists. Ensure that any workflows or endpoints you wish to keep have unique names prior to importing workflows from GitHub.
  • The system always gets the latest workflows from the master GitHub repository. Ensure you are using the latest released BlueCat Gateway version before downloading.
  • Permissions set on existing workflows will be inherited by the newly imported workflows from GitHub. If necessary, BlueCat recommends Gateway administrators to review permissions for the Example workflows after they have been imported.

The workflows reside in the following folder:

  • Examples—contains example workflows provided by BlueCat. These example workflows serve as templates of the kind of workflow that can be built, and are also examples of BlueCat best practices for UI components and API usage. Each BlueCat Gateway release has a corresponding tag that can be used to download the version that is guaranteed to be compatible with that release.
To import workflows from the BlueCat public GitHub repository:
  1. Log in to BlueCat Gateway.
  2. Click Workflow Export/Import.

  3. Click GITHUB IMPORT. A message displays informing you that the import session will override existing workflow folders.
  4. Click OK. A message displays, "GitHub workflows loaded. Please refresh browser before use."