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BlueCat Gateway

The following are supported integrations and workflows in BlueCat Gateway:

Cisco® ACI™ integration with BlueCat Gateway & Address Manager

Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (Cisco ACI), the industry’s leading software-defined networking solution, now integrates with BlueCat Gateway v19.5.1 and BlueCat Address Manager v9.1.0. BlueCat Gateway 19.5.1 can automatically discover infrastructure that is created within Cisco ACI—including tenants, virtual routing and forwarding networks (VRFs), application profiles, bridge domains, and IP addresses—then import those objects from Address Manager. This integration provides visibility of your ACI Fabric from within Address Manager to view your ACI infrastructure alongside your existing IP space and DNS space. To access the Cisco ACI workflow go to

Address Manager / BlueCat Gateway Cross-jump

From Address Manager you can jump to a BlueCat Gateway workflow in a new browser tab without the need to log in separately in the Gateway user interface. For more information, see the section "Using the Address Manager / BlueCat Gateway Cross-jump" in the Address Manager Administration Guide.