Log rotation - Platform - BlueCat Gateway - 21.11.2

Gateway Administration Guide

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BlueCat Gateway

By default, log rotation is enabled for the messages.log and access.log. New files are created each time the Apache server is restarted or it exceeds 10MB in size.

By default, the log rotation is enabled to rotate the files once they reach 10MB.

BlueCat Gateway v21.5.1 generates the Apache configuration file at container startup. If you require custom Log Rotation settings, you must include a config.json file in the Built-in workspace or in the custom workspace containing the following:
"generate_apache_config": false
This will let you use your custom Apache configuration for your container.
Note: You must generate a custom image using the Built-In Workspace. For more information, refer to Adding Built-in Workflows to the BlueCat Gateway Container.
Note: It is possible to now add messages directly to Apache server logs. You can add messages using the app.logger object where app is imported from main_app. Adding messages are useful if there is no user session when a workflow is executed.

For example, to configure log rotation, type the following:

"|/usr/bin/rotatelogs ${APACHE_LOG_DIR}/<logtype>.log.%Y-%m-%d-%H_%M_%S 10M"