Manually importing and exporting workflows - Platform - BlueCat Gateway - 24.1

Gateway Administration Guide

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BlueCat Gateway

If you prefer, you can import and export workflows manually outside of BlueCat Gateway. You'll make a backup file of the workflow files from the Gateway container, then restore that backup in its new location.

To manually export Gateway workflows:

  1. Log in to BlueCat Gateway.

  2. Outside of BlueCat Gateway, go to the <Bluecat Gateway>/workflows directory:

    cd <Bluecat Gateway>/workflows
  3. Create a TAR file of workflows in the container. :

    tar cf worklow_name.tar workflow_name
    gzip workflow_name.tar

    Where workflow_name is the name you want to use for the Workflow file.

    These commands create a TAR package file that you can use when importing workflows in the Gateway UI.

To manually import an exported workflow file:

  1. Log in to the target instance of BlueCat Gateway.

  2. In the target container for that instance of Gateway, copy the workflow TAR package file to the <Bluecat Gateway>/workflows directory:

    cp worflow_name.tar.gz <Bluecat Gateway>/workflows
  3. Change to the <bluecat_gateway>/workflows directory:

    cd <bluecat_gateway>/workflows

  4. Extract the workflows from the TAR file:

    gzip -d workflow_name.tar.gz
    tar xf worklow_name.tar workflow_name

    Where workflow_name is the name of your workflow TAR package file.

    The updated workflows won't become available until until after you restart BlueCat Gateway. Also, Gateway users won't see any new workflows until you assign the workflows to a user group to which they belong. You can add permissions manually, or do so through the Permissions workflow in the Gateway UI.