Release Support Policy - Platform - BlueCat Gateway - 20.1.1

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BlueCat Gateway

BlueCat is continuously developing enhancements and new functionality for its software solutions. As a result, BlueCat regularly releases major and minor updates that incorporate all of the latest changes to its products. As long as the customer's BlueCat products are under an active Maintenance Services contract with BlueCat Customer Care, the customer will be entitled to receive and download these releases.

Testing and applying recommended software updates

it's the responsibility of the customer to apply software patches as necessary in order to maintain the stability and security of their IP environments. BlueCat strongly recommends a stand-alone lab environment for testing in order to minimize the risk to a production operation. Within the test environment, you can check resolutions, updates and upgrades to isolate a specific problem, confirm a fix, or test an update.

Note: For more information on release support policy and change management, contact BlueCat Customer Care at