Set the Address Manager IP address - Platform - BlueCat Gateway - 18.2.1

Gateway Administration Guide

BlueCat Gateway

The URL for the BAM API, or a list of tuples of the alias and BAM address. This can be an HTTP or HTTPS address(es). If a list of BAM addresses is provided, on the login page a drop-down menu will be shown of all the aliases for the user to select to which BAM they would like to connect. Their username and password must be valid for that BAM in order for them to connect.

Note: If running BAM in replication, only enter the IP address of the Primary. In the event of failover, you must manually modify <dns_integrity_gateway>/ with the IP address of the new Primary server.

Once running, the DNS Integrity Gateway does not check if all the BAM IP addresses are reachable; you must manually verify that all BAM servers are up and functioning normally. If you must change any BAM IP addresses, modify <dns_integrity_gateway>/

# Where to connect to the API. api_url can be a single address or a list of BAM alias, address tuples.
# Only the name will be shown to the user selecting which BAM to connect to on the login page.
# api_url = [('BAM1 Alias', ''),
#            ('BAM2 Alias', '')]
api_url = ''