Setting the Address Manager REST API client version - Platform - BlueCat Gateway - 24.1

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BlueCat Gateway

As of BlueCat Address Manager 9.5, Address Manager includes a revised API that lets developers use Address Manager features, referred to as the BlueCat Address Manager RESTful v2 API. The existing API is now referred to as the Legacy v1 API.

As of BlueCat Gateway v23.1, Gateway includes Python API clients that support both BlueCat Address Manager APIs. If workflows on your system need to use the REST v2 API Client, you must change the version of the REST API Client that Gateway uses.

Important: These clients are not interchangeable. Only one of these API clients (REST v1 or REST v2) can be available on a single Gateway instance — by default, the REST v1 API client.

There are two ways to change the REST API version:

  • In the BAM_API_VERSION environment variable

    When you run the docker container, specify the value of as a parameter with the -e option. For example:

    docker run -e BAM_API_VERSION=2 <other options>
  • In the config.json file in the built-in or custom workspace.

    Before starting Gateway, edit the config.json file to change the value of bam_api_version to 1 (specifying the REST v1 client) or 2 (specifying the REST v2 client). If you set different versions in each of the built-in and custom workspaces, the version in the custom workspace takes precedence.

  • If you specify the client version in the BAM_API_VERSION environment variable, it will override any defined bam_api_version value in any config.json file.

  • If no API client version is specified at all (either as an environment variable or in the config.json file), the REST v1 client will be active by default.

Important: If the REST API version is set to v2 in Gateway, but the version of Address Manager does not support the REST v2 API, Gateway will fail when it tries to log in to Address Manager. The REST v2 API is supported only by Address Manager v9.5 or later.

For more details on using the REST v2 API client, see Developing workflows using the Address Manager RESTful v2 API.

For more details on troubleshootng REST API version settings, see Troubleshooting REST API version settings.