Showing or Hiding the BAM IP - Platform - BlueCat Gateway - 20.1.1

Gateway Administration Guide

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BlueCat Gateway

Use the Group Settings workflow to define if the BAM IP address / alias should be available to specific user groups.

Note: The displayed BAM IP / alias is a hyperlink that takes you directly to Address Manager. You must sign in before you can use BAM.
  1. Log in to BlueCat Gateway as an administrative user.
  2. Click Administration > Group Settings.
  3. In the UDF Name field, enter a BlueCatGateway UDF value, then click ADD GROUP.
  4. In the Groups list, select the BlueCatGateway UDF value.
  5. In the Available Settings list, select landing_page, then click ADD OPTION.
  6. In the Group Settings list, select show_bam, then enter false in the text field to hide the BAM IP, or enter true (default) to show the BAM IP.

  7. Click UPDATE. BlueCat Gateway confirms that the show_bam option has been updated for the BlueCatGateway UDF.