Showing or hiding Gateway Help and Documentation - Platform - BlueCat Gateway - 18.2.1

Gateway Administration Guide

BlueCat Gateway
Use the Group Settings workflow to define if the the Gateway Help and Documentation should be available to specific user groups. Since the DNS Integrity Gateway is developer and administrator oriented, there might be certain users or user groups to which you wish to conceal the Gateway API and operations documentation in order to prevent misconfiguration.
  1. Log in to the DNS Integrity Gateway as an administrative user.
  2. Under Available Actions > Administration, click Group Settings.
  3. In the Group/UDF field, enter a PortalGroup UDF value, and then click ADD GROUP.
  4. From the Groups list, select a PortalGroups UDF value.
  5. Under Available Settings select landing_page, and then click ADD OPTION.
  6. In the Group Settings list, select show_help, then enter false in the text field to hide the Help link, or enter true (default) to show the Help link.

  7. Click UPDATE. The Gateway UI confirms that the show_help option has been updated for the PortalGroup UDF.
  8. Restart the Gateway.

    If necessary, you can also specify a default landing page and to show/hide the Gateway Help & Documentation for any users that are not assigned to a specific user group. Add or modify JSON values for default_group_settings parameter in <dns_integrity_gateway>/