Support in future releases - Platform - BlueCat Gateway - 24.1

Gateway Administration Guide

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BlueCat Gateway

In future releases of BlueCat Gateway, the existing signatures of UI Component Fields will remain unchanged and proper deprecation procedures will be used if any components needs to be changed. This is the same approach BlueCat uses with the BlueCat Gateway API.

What might change, however, is the look of the UI and the behavior of certain components. This might evolve from release to release to follow BlueCat’s best practices. For example, a UI Component Field might change from a simple lookup to auto-complete in the future.

Note: You can also create custom UI Component classes inherited from the provided base classes. However, BlueCat cannot guarantee consistent behavior between releases so any custom UI Component classes will not be supported. Any incorrect behavior found in a UI Component Field will be resolved in a subsequent release of BlueCat Gateway and will not require a rewrite to customer workflows.