TFTPGroup class - Platform - BlueCat Gateway - 19.8.1

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BlueCat Gateway

class tftp.TFTPGroup(api, api_entity)

Bases: bluecat.entity.Entity, bluecat.deployment_role.TFTPDeploymentRoleActionsMixin

Base class for TFTP Group.

add_tftp_deployment_role(server_interface, properties)

Adds a TFTP deployment role to a specified object.

Parameter Description
server_interface The object ID/server interface object to which the TFTP deployment role is to be added.
properties Adds object properties, including user-defined fields.

Returns: Added TFTP deployment role.

add_tftp_folder(name, properties='')

Adds a TFTP Folder to the TFTP group.

Parameter Description
name The name of the TFTP folder.
properties Adds object properties, including comments and user-defined fields

Returns: Instance of TFTP folder.